Trade Means Business

Working with the Alliance gives every business – local and global – an opportunity to shape the future of trade.

Public Private Partnership

Government may set the rules, but business drives trade. It is in everyone’s interest for businesses of all sizes to become more involved in trade reform initiatives, ensuring these reforms address real world business priorities and deliver on their promise, which benefits everyone – companies, consumers, and countries. 

Local Partners

Every Alliance project is launched with the full support of the beneficiary government and the local private sector. Our local private sector partners in project countries work alongside their governments in identifying issues at borders and in implementing the agreed reforms. Both sides come together in public private partnership - participating in public-private dialogues, working groups, and project steering governance to formulate and implement agreed solutions.  

Our local partners include business associations, chambers of commerce, and companies of all sizes, including local micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs), who all play a vital role in implementing our projects. 

In line with our mainstreaming approach for MSMEs and women, adapting the design and timing of our activities helps in enhancing involvement. 

Global Partners

Our global business partners include household names in retail, manufacturing, and technology, as well as logistics specialists responsible for operating the complex supply chains that keep goods moving. 

 These partners support our work in many ways, including contributing their Customs and trade facilitation expertise honed from moving goods across the world, helping us to identify best practices, alerting us to pinch points in their supply chain, and advocating for trade facilitation through public private partnership in global forums.  

Our global partners include: