Groundbreaking Licensing Program Trains 100 Customs Brokers in Malawi 

On 22 February 2024, 100 Customs clearing agents in Malawi received formal licensing training – a first ever in the country. The training, followed by an examination, aimed at equipping the agents with the skills required to ensure that the documents for clearing goods are error-free, that traders pay the correct fees, and that goods move smoothly and efficiently across borders.

The training took place as a part of an Alliance initiative to professionalise the Customs clearing industry in Malawi. It was conducted by the Malawi Revenue Authority and Malawi University of Business and Applied Science under the scholarship program sponsored by the Alliance through CIPE.

The training curriculum was administered through blended learning – combining in-person and online activities. Six modules covered topics including tariff classification, rules of origin, valuation, customs procedures, international trade, ethics and compliance, and customer service. Instructors included representatives from the public as well as private sector.

The testimonials from the first batch of training speak volumes to the value the trainees received from this program. 99% of students, all of whom were adult learners, attended 100% of the program despite work and family commitments.

A second and final batch of training, for an additional 100 companies, is set to start next month, March 2024.