Digitalising key trade processes in Guatemala

Elieser Castellanos, Local Alliance Coordinator. Interagency and private sector meeting, Guatemala City June 12, 2023

From June 9 -14, the Alliance supported technical meetings between five government agencies and private sector representatives to review the national Maritime Single Window system (VUMAR) requirements. The Alliance project is supporting the development of a tool to automate ship arrival and departure procedures at maritime ports. The new tool is set to be launched in December 2023. Project stakeholders in Guatemala had the opportunity to learn from their counterparts in the Honduras about their experience in implementing a similar system.

Interagency meeting, Quetzal Port June 9, 2023





This government-to-government knowledge exchange was promoted by the Alliance, as part of the analysis of best practices and lessons learnt on the subject; similar collaborations from the International Maritime Organization and private entities like the Valencia Port foundation have been part of the project as well. Interagency work, in collaboration with the private sector, is essential for the success of the project, both in terms of adoption of the system and its sustainability beyond the lifetime of the project.