Boosting interagency collaboration in Nigeria

After almost 3 years of facilitating dialogue, cooperation and the sharing of best practices, interagency collaboration in Nigeria is starting to take root.

Earlier this summer, the Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) and the Nigeria Drug Law Enforcement Authority (NDLEA) signed an MoU at the level of their respective leadership, mandating better cooperation and coordination between both agencies both at headquarter and at command level.

The MoU was a result of the Alliance project’s activities at Lagos cargo airport. Seeing the need to formalize their cooperation for the improvement of inspection processes at the Airport, both NCS and NDLEA officers worked through their respective hierarchies in order to achieve political and institutional backing for their planned cooperation. This resulted in a nation-wide MoU that is applicable to all ports and command areas in Nigeria.

The MoU will improve coordination between two agencies in order to facilitate legitimate trade, while keeping trade safe and secure for the Nigerian population.