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Let’s innovate and design the e-waste solutions of tomorrow!

The Global Alliance for Trade Facilitation is calling on brilliant minds and change-makers from around the globe to join its latest initiative, the e-Waste Innovation Sprint, a 48-hour virtual hackathon focused on developing efficient and sustainable solutions for improving the collection and cross-border movement of e-waste for reprocessing in Rwanda and beyond.

Webinar: Covid-19: Turning Adversity to Advantage, a View from India

The Global Alliance for Trade Facilitation and ICC India are bringing together Indian business leaders for an insightful exchange of ideas and strategies to strive and thrive in these uncertain times. During this webinar we will explore challenges faced by Indian companies due to Covid-19, discuss innovative strategies to address them, reflect on the importance of trade facilitation, and discuss the role of the Alliance in making international trade simpler, faster, and more cost-effective.

Kenya PPD

Public and Private Sectors Meet to Drive Trade Facilitation Agenda in Kenya

In February, two years after the landmark ratification of the World Trade Organization’s Trade Facilitation Agreement, Kenya’s Principal Secretary in the State Department of Trade, Dr. Chris Kiptoo, joined over 100 attendees from across government and business to discuss the country’s progress on implementing the agreement and how the private sector can help.

Global Alliance background

Organization of Women in International Trade conference, October 24-25

The Organization of Women in International Trade (OWIT) – a non-profit, professional organization that supports the advancement of women in international trade and business – held its 18th Annual World Conference in Nairobi, Kenya, in partnership with OWIT’s Nairobi chapter.

Alliance talks trade facilitation with Latin America’s leaders

The World Economic Forum on Latin America in São Paulo brought together more than 750 leaders from government, business and civil society from over 40 countries to drive forward an agenda of responsible leadership, innovation and economic progress for the region. With so many of the region’s important stakeholders in one place, the Alliance saw an opportunity to bring together the public and private sectors for an interactive workshop on trade facilitation.