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Digital Dividends in the Age of the Micro-Multinational

Toby Edwards from Shipa Freight and Sushant Palakurthi Rao from Agility, talk about how technology is supporting SMEs to grow and expand into new markets as opportunities previously available to much larger companies are now available to all. Trade facilitation ensures that their growth does not stop at the border.


The power of data to diagnose

John Kornerup Bang, Head of Sustainability Strategy and Shared Value at Alliance partner Maersk talks about his company’s work with the Alliance to take data analytics to the next level, ensuring trade facilitation reforms have the biggest possible impact.

What we learned at E-Commerce Week – the power of customs modernisation

As E-Commerce Week draws to a close, Amgad Shehata, Senior Vice President of International Public Affairs and Strategy at Alliance partner UPS, explains why implementing four elements of the World Trade Organization’s Trade Facilitation Agreement will be fundamental to realising the potential of e-commerce.

How can Africa kill the red tape and improve trade

How can Africa​ kill the red tape and improve trade?

Governments are making slow progress in improving the efficiency of customs and border procedures – with many small businesses and entrepreneurs cut off from the global trading system as a result. This is a central finding of the World Economic Forum’s Global Enabling Trade Report, issued today in conjunction with the Global Alliance for Trade Facilitation.