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Toyota joins the Alliance as a partner

Toyota, a global mobility company, has become the latest world leading businesses to join the Global Alliance for Trade Facilitation as a partner. Alliance partners provide their skills and expertise to Alliance projects which help developing and least-developed countries improve the ease of cross-border trade and unlock inclusive economic growth.

Lessons Learned Series: Gender Sensitising Trade Facilitation Reform

The Global Alliance for Trade Facilitation has undergone a process to gender sensitise its work helping countries to implement the World Trade Organization’s Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA). This paper summarises the lessons learned by the Alliance in building its gender mainstreaming approach and provides new insights on the nexus between gender and trade facilitation.

Thomson Reuters: Global Trade in the time of COVID-19

Virginia Ginnane from Reuters speaks to Philippe Isler, Director, Global Alliance for Trade Facilitation and Andrew Wilson, Permanent Observer to the UN at the International Chamber of Commerce about the impact of COVID-19 on global trade.

Webinar: The African Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA), Emerging opportunities for trade facilitation

The Global Alliance for Trade Facilitation (Alliance), which works to help governments in developing and least developed countries implement the World Trade Organization’s Trade Facilitation Agreement, ICC Ghana, ICC Kenya, and ICC Nigeria, three chapters of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), the world business organisation, brought together African businesses to discuss the potential benefits of the AfCFTA for African economies. In particular, the webinar looked at how its trade facilitation measures could boost intra-continental trade and the potential to mitigate the effects of the Covid-19 crisis.

Upcoming Webinar – Supply chains in times of Covid-19: Challenges and opportunities for Latin America

The Covid-19 pandemic has significantly disrupted supply chains, resulting in significant losses for both governments and businesses. How can implementation of the WTO’s Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA) help Latin American countries build resilience and adjust rapidly to this new reality? To answer this question, the Alliance, ICC Bolivia, ICC Colombia, and ICC Ecuador are bringing together three regional experts to reflect on the challenges and opportunities brought about by the pandemic. The webinar will be conducted in Spanish.

How Covid-19 is accelerating the digital transformation of trade at Oman’s ports

Since the Covid-19 crisis began earlier this year, border agencies, logistics companies and traders have been exploring at pace how they can leverage technology to protect their people from the virus while keeping goods moving across borders. Ali Al Shidhani, Vice President of Technology, and Hilal Al Kharusi, Senior Strategist, at ASYAD Group, explain how the crisis has helped accelerate digital adoption in Oman’s ports.

Webinar: Covid-19: Turning Adversity to Advantage, a View from India

The Global Alliance for Trade Facilitation and ICC India are bringing together Indian business leaders for an insightful exchange of ideas and strategies to strive and thrive in these uncertain times. During this webinar we will explore challenges faced by Indian companies due to Covid-19, discuss innovative strategies to address them, reflect on the importance of trade facilitation, and discuss the role of the Alliance in making international trade simpler, faster, and more cost-effective.