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How Covid-19 is accelerating the digital transformation of trade at Oman’s ports

Since the Covid-19 crisis began earlier this year, border agencies, logistics companies and traders have been exploring at pace how they can leverage technology to protect their people from the virus while keeping goods moving across borders. Ali Al Shidhani, Vice President of Technology, and Hilal Al Kharusi, Senior Strategist, at ASYAD Group, explain how the crisis has helped accelerate digital adoption in Oman’s ports.

Webinar: Covid-19: Turning Adversity to Advantage, a View from India

The Global Alliance for Trade Facilitation and ICC India are bringing together Indian business leaders for an insightful exchange of ideas and strategies to strive and thrive in these uncertain times. During this webinar we will explore challenges faced by Indian companies due to Covid-19, discuss innovative strategies to address them, reflect on the importance of trade facilitation, and discuss the role of the Alliance in making international trade simpler, faster, and more cost-effective.

Our response to Covid-19

The Covid-19 outbreak has highlighted the vital importance of smooth, efficient trade in getting essential goods such as medical supplies, to those who need them, particularly in times of crisis.

Morocco leads the way in Africa as digital phytosanitary certificates go live

International agri-food trade with Morocco is set to become faster and more cost-effective for importers and exporters as the country introduces electronic phytosanitary certificates. The international electronic exchange of ‘e-phytos’ was launched on 26 March, making Morocco one of the first African countries to fully integrate and use ePhyto within their national trade system.

How making trade faster and easier empowers women around the world

International women’s day is an opportunity to reflect on solutions to achieving gender equality goals. One such route to women’s empowerment is by providing opportunities for women to trade and ensuring that the benefits of trade facilitation reform – making trade faster, easier and more cost-effective – reach women around the world.

Ports of Casablanca and Marseille collaborate on Casablanca’s ‘smart port’ transformation

A delegation of Moroccan officials and business representatives visited France in January to learn about the automated traffic management technologies used in the port of Marseille Fos. The visit was jointly organised by the Global Alliance for Trade Facilitation, which is currently leading a project to digitise port operations at the Morocco’s ports, and the National Port Agency of Morocco.