Request for Services – Project Implementation Services – Madagascar

The Alliance is looking for a consultant to provide in-country implementation services for its new initiative in Madagascar.

Request for Services – Project Implementation Services – Madagascar

Global Alliance for Trade Facilitation/ World Economic Forum


1. Background

The Global Alliance for Trade Facilitation (the Alliance) is a public-private partnership for trade led growth jointly hosted by the World Economic Forum, the International Chamber of Commerce and the Center for International Private Enterprise in cooperation with Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ).

The Alliance’s work is designed to help governments in developing and least developed countries implement the World Trade Organization’s Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA). It brings together governments and businesses as equal partners to identify trade facilitation issues such as customs delays and unnecessary red-tape at borders, and design and implement targeted reforms that deliver commercially quantifiable results.

The Alliance is supported by the governments of the United States, Canada, and Germany, and works with private sector partners from small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to the world’s largest multinationals.

The services required relate to the implementation of a Project in partnership with UNICEF for the facilitated import of medical supplies into Madagascar. The selected consultant will provide in-country implementation services to deliver the project as outlined below.


2. The Services

2.1 Introduction

The services will be delivered in 3 stages. The Consultant will liaise with the Alliance Project Manager throughout.

  1. Stage 1 – Preparation

The Consultant will prepare a project implementation plan.

  1. Stage 2 – Implementation

The Consultant will supervise / carry out project tasks in accordance with the agreed project implementation plan (details of expected deliverables are outlined below).

  1. Stage 3 – Project Closure

The Consultant will work with the Alliance Monitoring and Evaluation Team to assess project outcomes, complete an end of project report, and develop a Case Study.

It is expected that total effort for this will not exceed 60 person days.

2.2 Deliverables

Deliverable 1: Process Improvement

  1. Obtain buy in from relevant government organisations to improve processes for approval of budget for duties, taxes and fees on imported medical products for use in the public health system
    1. Annual budgetary process – include approvals for estimated import duties, taxes and fees
    2. Consignment pre-clearance process – streamline confirmation of budgetary approval for import duties, taxes and fees
  1. Work with government organisations to:
    1. Define and document new processes
    2. Sensitise and train staff on new processes
    3. Define and agree appropriate KPIs for processing times

Deliverable 2: Process Digitalisation

  1. Obtain buy in of relevant government organisations to:
    1. Digitalise improved processes
    2. Connect relevant functions to the Electronic Single Window (eSW)/
  2. Work with the operator of the eSW to identify hardware requirements of relevant government organisations
  3. Facilitate the procurement of required hardware and delivery to relevant government organisations
  4. Work with the operator of the eSW to ensure that configuration requirements of the relevant government organisations are adequately documented and implemented
  5. Work with the operator of the eSW to ensure that user acceptance testing and training is undertaken correctly
  6. Liaise with the operator of the eSW and relevant government organisations to ensure that the system goes live smoothly

Deliverable 3: Project Sustainability

  1. Obtain buy in from relevant stakeholders to create a medical supply working group
  2. Support the development of terms of reference for the medical supply working group
  3. Support the operation of the medical supply working group throughout the project with the goal of ensuring that it become self-sustaining by the time of project closure.

Deliverable 4: Assessment

  1. Identify additional processes that could be improved for subsequent attention
  2. Define processes in sufficient detail that they can be considered by the Alliance for a follow up project


3. Requirements

The Consultant must:

  • Have a proven track record in implementing trade facilitation projects.
  • Have experience with public-private partnerships.
  • Possess strong written communication and stakeholder engagement skills.
  • Be based in Madagascar.
  • Possess strong written and oral communication skills in English and French.


4. Duration of Assignment

The duration of the contract will be approximately 9 months.

The expected start date is: mid-June 2024.


5. Payments

The services will be delivered on a fixed cost basis payable according to the following milestones:

  • Completion of implementation plan – 10%
  • Completion of Deliverable 1: Process Improvement – 20%
  • Completion of Deliverable 2: Process Digitalisation – 20%
  • Completion of Deliverable 3: Working Group – 20%
  • Completion of Deliverable 4: Assessment – 10%
  • Completion of the end project report – 20%


6. Submission of Proposals

Interested consultants should submit a proposal in PDF format to: Christopher Holden ( with the subject line: “Project Implementation – Madagascar [YOURNAME]” by 11:59pm on 12-Jun-24. Please note that submission of a proposal in the manner described above will deem all terms and conditions of this Request for Services have been accepted by the Bidder and incorporated into its proposal unless specifically notified otherwise.