Consultant – Global – Development of a Stakeholder Engagement Log

Global Alliance for Trade Facilitation

Request for Development of a Stakeholder Engagement Log


The Global Alliance for Trade Facilitation (the Alliance) is a multi-stakeholder initiative that actively involves myriad stakeholders in its work. This requires targeted effort and resources, supported by an efficient information-sharing system.

The recording and internal sharing of information on interactions is essential to ensure coherent and personalised communications, while safeguarding institutional knowledge. It also allows the Alliance to calculate in-kind contributions from different stakeholders, level of participation of women/SMEs in its projects, etc.

Alliance staff currently track interactions with companies through a combination of Word and Excel documents, including:

  • Company profiles: The first section of each sheet contains high-level information on the company (establishment, CEO, key markets, etc.) as well as Alliance-specific insights (reasons for joining the Alliance, contact persons, etc.). The second section is used to record communications with the company representatives. There is currently no agreed process for updating of these documents.
  • In-kind tracker: Quarterly tracking of in-kind contributions by private sector to the Alliance, such as participation in calls and meetings, hosting of events, and responding to interviews.
  • Events tracker: Contains information on event participation, including the number of participants from each sector, also broken down by size of company.
  • Lists of participants: A list of participants is available for most Alliance events, but these are not in a consistent format – some may be tables integrated into a meeting report, others may be Excel sheets extracted from Salesforce.

The information above is currently entered manually and there are many overlaps between the different trackers. This has led to considerable inconsistencies, errors and omissions; there is no searchability between the trackers. The current tracking system is therefore untenable.

To improve stakeholder engagement tracking, many improvements can be made at the process level. For example, assigning a relationship manager for each stakeholder and agreeing on a process for updating information. At the same time, there is a clear need to improve the reporting infrastructure, i.e. transfer the engagement logging from Word and Excel documents to a single fit-for-purpose database.

Based on desk research on available tools, specifically customer relationship management systems (CRMS), it was concluded that a custom-made tool will best respond to Alliance needs. For instance:

  • CRMS tools are largely focussed on driving sales, whereas the main purpose of the Alliance engagement log is to capture interactions with existing stakeholders.
  • Specific needs such as calculation of in-kind contributions would require extensive tailoring of existing tools.
  • A custom-made tool can offer the possibility of uploading existing information.
  • The tool can be designed to respond to data protection and other policies and requirements of the different organisations of the Alliance.


  1. Single central, accessible and secure database to serve as a stakeholder engagement log with the following functionalities:
  • Data input
    • Data input by various sources based in various countries
    • Single entry form for data collection, with auto-fill capabilities
    • Uploading of lists of participants for integration into data set
    • Uploading of attachments such as e-mails, minutes and other documents
    • Uploading of existing data sets
  • Data use and extraction
    • Data use and extraction by various sources based in various countries
    • Easy search and analysis of large volumes of data
    • Easy extraction of customisable reports such as in-kind contributions and lists of participants in multiple file formats (PDF, XLS, DOC, etc.)
    • Individual dashboard for each stakeholder, with general information and live engagement log
    • Shared common master data (e.g. company information) across multiple reports
  • Other functionalities to be discussed through iterations of the tool, e.g. word clouds, business card reader app, dashboard of tasks, notifications/reminders, etc. Depending on the functionalities requested, a separate contract may be necessary
  1. Uploading of existing data sets (e.g. in-kind tracker, company profiles) to the final stakeholder engagement log
  2. User manual and training for Alliance staff inputting the data
  3. User manual and training for Alliance staff using the data


  • Mock stakeholder engagement log presented by 15 August 2020
  • Final stakeholder engagement log presented by 15 September 2020
  • User manuals and staff trainings completed by 31 October 2020

Budget: USD 7000

Selection process: 

Please submit your proposal to Miranda Andruccioli by July 10.