Consultant – Nigeria – Administration of TTLC Survey

Assignment: Administration of TTLC Survey in Nigeria

Alliance lead: Jean-Francois Trinh Tan

  1. The Project background

The Global Alliance for Trade Facilitation (the “Alliance”) is an initiative jointly hosted by the World Economic Forum, the International Chamber of Commerce and the Center for International Private Enterprise, in partnership with Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ). It is a public-private platform to leverage business expertise and leadership to support effective trade facilitation reforms in developing and least developed countries. The Alliance benefits from the financial support of 6 donor governments: the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, Denmark and Germany.

The Alliance implements projects that engages the public and private sector to implement the provisions of the Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA). Conceived as a “data-driven” initiative, the Alliance highly values the use of sound and reliable data and the piloting of innovative methodologies in order to target and design its projects and assess their impact.

  1. Background info on the assignment

The Alliance applies a methodology to study the total transport and logistics costs (TTLC) along the supply chain within specific sectors and trade corridors. The TTLC study focusses on estimating both the direct and the indirect costs generated by delays at the border. The collection of data for the TTLC study happens both from transaction-level databases held by the public and private sector (when possible) and through structured interviews conducted with local companies. The objective of this assignment is to collect data for the baseline assessment of the time and cost of importing and exporting incurred by businesses in project countries.

  1. Requirements

The Alliance is seeking to retain an individual consultant or consultancy firm to conduct face-to-face interviews based on the questionnaire elaborated to complete the TTLC study in Nigeria. The consultant or consultancy firm must demonstrate the following:

  1. Formal training or experience with trade supply chains and logistics.
  2. Experience conducting extensive and complex face-to-face surveys with businesses. Existing contacts with private sector networks would be an advantage.
  3. Digital skills and ability to administer the survey through a tablet.
  4. Ability to independently move within the Lagos area.
  5. Fluency in English and Yoruba.
  1. Activities

The consultant or consultancy firm will work with the Alliance Measurement Team, the Alliance Nigeria country team and the local private sector to conduct structured interviews on the basis of the questionnaire and the sample frame provided. Activities will include:

Attend an orientation session on the survey instrument;

  1. Attend a follow-up/virtual training session on the online survey platform to be used for data collection (Qualtrics) as we well as on the details of the questionnaire.
  2. Pilot test the instrument on at least five respondents within selected companies;
  3. Schedule and conduct structured face-to-face interviews with clearing and forwarding agents, shipping lines, truck companies and importers/exporters based on the sample frame provided by the Alliance. For every interview, it is estimated that the following time allocation will be necessary:
    -60 minutes for coordination with the local stakeholders and scheduling of the interview with businesses.
    -60-90 minutes for conducting each face-to-face interview
  4. Maintain a detailed and transparent list of the companies and people interviewed for internal data validation

Throughout the data collection period, the consultant or firm is also expected to join biweekly conference calls with the Alliance Measurements team to exchange information on the progress of the data collection.

The final survey will be provided to the consultant or firm in a digitized form on a digital survey platform (Qualtrics) and the consultant or firm is expected to use their own tablet or laptop to administer it during face-to-face interviews. It is highly recommended that the consultant or firm administers the survey directly through the digital platform and not on paper.

  1. Deliverables

The consultant or firm should deliver:

  1. A detailed list of the companies and people interviewed, with contact information for validation.
  2. Complete and validated results of between 50 and 100 face-to-face interviews.
  3. A qualitative narrative that assists in the interpretation of results, as appropriate.
  1. Confidentiality clause

Dataset and methodology shall remain confidential and shall exclusively be used in the context of this project.

  1. Contract and selection process

The consultant or consultancy firm will be chosen on the basis of technical qualifications described in the table below.

Candidates are requested to submit the following by April 30, 2020 to Mr Jean-Francois Trinh Tan (

A technical proposal (max 2 page) describing how the candidate meets the required criteria, including the individual Curriculum Vitae (CVs) or company profile.

Technical score (max 100)
The consultant or consultant team has formal training or at least 3 years of experience on the trade supply chain and logistics in Nigeria.  


The consultant or consultant team successfully demonstrated experience conducting complex and long face-to-face interviews with private businesses.  


The consultant or a consultant team has contacts with private sector networks and is able to quickly set up appointments for interviews among private companies.  


The consultant or consultant team is able to move within the Lagos area.