Robert Kielbas

Robert Kielbas

Roanoke’s Vice President of Global Development at Roanoke

Roanoke provides international logistics and transport companies with creative insurance, bond and ATA Carnet solutions, helping traders to manage risk and expedite customs clearances as they move goods around the world. It’s a niche area of expertise and Roanoke has been working in it since 1935.

“Our ethos is about uncomplicating the complicated – putting the framework in place so that trade is as simple as possible. We know the issues our clients encounter when transporting cargo and the pitfalls in the insurance world. We believe in the benefits of trade and partnering with the Alliance means we can use our expertise to help realise them.

“We have been heavily involved in the Alliance’s project in Vietnam where the team is working with Vietnamese Customs to introduce a customs bond system. Through our in-depth knowledge of customs bond structures around the world we have been able to advise on how the process could be best designed to support traders in Vietnam. We also helped the Alliance to plan a knowledge exchange in the United States in phase one of the project so that Vietnamese project partners could meet those involved in implementing and using the US customs bond system. Most recently, we have been delivering training for insurers in Vietnam who will go on to issue bonds once the pilot is up and running.

“Working with the Alliance we are not just part of discussions but are taking concrete action and we can see the direct impact of our involvement on the outcome of the project.”