Making trade facilitation gender sensitive

New tool offers actions to tackle the barriers to trade that women face

Trade reform does not have gender neutral effects. In most societies, women entrepreneurs face unique challenges to growing their businesses and engaging in trade. If policymakers do not identify these barriers and address them, women will not have an equal chance to trade. This is a missed opportunity for communities and economies, as successful women-led firms generate employment and spending on health and education in the community.

This is why governments need to take special measures to encourage women to trade and ensure that the benefits of international trade accrue not only to men and large companies, but also to women and small business owners.

new tool from the Global Alliance for Trade Facilitation helps implementers of trade facilitation initiatives take gender sensitive actions. The tool analyses the TFA from a gender perspective; it looks at the unique challenges women face in trade and explores how implementation of the TFA can mitigate them. Furthermore, it proposes specific actions that implementing governments and development practitioners can take to start addressing these challenges.

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English version

French version

(via Trade for Development News)