How we work

Our projects fall into three categories: co-creation, business action and upscaling

All of our projects stem from joint recognition by the public and private sectors of the need to target identified trade barriers and the willingness to work on them together. Every Alliance project is launched with the full support of the beneficiary government and the local private sector.


In co-creation projects, governments and businesses join with the Alliance to prioritise trade bottlenecks and align behind the idea of reform. We then encourage a willingness to collaborate in developing the project proposal and ensure the concept has feasible, targeted and measurable goals. The Alliance then leads project implementation, which relies on private sector delivery of technical expertise, resources, data, or modern systems.


Our business partners alert us to particular ‘pinch points’ hindering trade. We diagnose the underlying problem and act as an impartial catalyst to engage governments in formulating and delivering solutions. These targeted, short-term projects do not require deep policy changes or sweeping measures to achieve success, allowing governments and companies to align behind them quickly, paving the way for deeper and wider reforms.


Our successful implementation of trade facilitation reforms has encouraged other governments to ask for our help to follow suit. For example, Morocco’s agri-food sector has reaped the benefit from the country’s adoption of electronic phytosanitary certificates, or ePhytos. The Alliance is now helping several countries to emulate this success. Our reputation and the way we work has also encouraged engagement from different government agencies in the same country.