Launching of the Trade Facilitation Innovation Days 2022

Accelerating solutions to Trade Facilitation challenges

The Global Alliance for Trade Facilitation, the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), and the World Trade Organization (WTO) are organising Trade Facilitation Innovation Days on 20 & 21 September 2022.

This two-day online event will span the globe, bringing together a diverse group of trade facilitation experts, governments, logistics providers, industrial leaders, entrepreneurs, software developers, academics (professors and students), think tanks, incubators, and many more stakeholders engaged in advancing international trade reform.

Innovation Days will give participants the chance to take deep dives into targeted trade facilitation challenges and to collaborate in workshops, knowledge exchanges and networking opportunities to accelerate the implementation of innovative solutions.

What to expect?

Two days full of Trade Facilitation Innovation-focused sessions that:

  • Bring together applied actors to co-create and collaborate
  • Break silos between organizations, fields, knowledge
  • Enable (informal) networking opportunities
  • Provide practical insights on pressing challenges by different actors in the field of Trade Facilitation
  • Shape a forward-thinking community
  • Unleash novel ideas and solutions
  • Give a voice to minority stakeholders

To allow for a maximum of different stakeholder’s participation, the following audience is invited to join the event as participants:

  • Governments, Delegates, Ministry of Trade
  • Practitioners and Experts in TF
  • Academics & Universities
  • Private Sector
  • General Public, e.g., Entrepreneurs, in more general: people with great ideas
  • Think Tanks
  • Incubators
Proposed set-up

Allowing for the most inclusive participation, the Trade Facilitation Innovation Days 2022 will be held in an online format with an opening session held physically in Geneva at WTO.

The event offers a vast choice of different event formats that enable all stakeholders to contribute to the event’s success by engaging actively in unconventional environments to suit the personalities of everyone involved.


The agenda for the Trade Facilitation Innovation Days 2022 is a work in progress and will be co-created together with the partners in due course.

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