Call for Solutions

The Global Alliance for Trade Facilitation is looking for businesses with technologies and innovations that address trade facilitation challenges to share their solutions with us.

What are we aspiring to do?
Technology plays a key role in the implementation of the World Trade Organization’s Trade Facilitation Agreement. Automating processes contributes to a more efficient border, and the transformative power of digitalisation runs through many of the Alliance’s projects. We invest about half of our project funds into digitalisation-related projects. But introducing innovative technology can be complex in many ways:

  • ever emerging new technologies
  • multitude of solutions which are hard to compare
  • costs that are difficult to estimate
  • need to interface with existing systems
  • data harmonisation requirements
  • lengthy procurement processes

Just to name a few of the challenges.

To better assess the IT landscape and subsequently consider a programme at improving the delivery of digitalisation, we wish to get a clear picture of the solutions currently on the market (both commercial and non-commercial).

If you own an IT trade facilitation solution which is currently commercialised or in the process of development, please email us at indicating the name of your organisation, a short paragraph on what your solution delivers, and any brochures or other relevant supporting documents by 15 June 2022.

Please note that this is not a tender or a procurement for services, and no contracts will be awarded resulting from this call for solutions. Any information you provide is for Alliance internal purposes only. If the Alliance decides to develop a digitalisation delivery program or otherwise wishes to publish its findings, any mention of your solution will only be made in coordination with you and with your prior approval.