The private sector plays a vital role in the work of the Alliance at all levels, from steering our global strategy to driving country projects on the ground.

Successful trade facilitation is only possible when the private sector plays an active part. After all, it is businesses who know best where the barriers to trade lie.

For your business or organisation, taking part in the Alliance allows you to become a recognised leader in international trade reform, creating greater opportunities for business and sustainable economic growth.

We want to hear from businesses and private sector organisations, from small and medium-sized enterprises to multinationals, that are engaged in international trade and that believe in the Alliance’s objectives of making trade simple, fast and cost-effective, measuring impact and sharing best practice.

Businesses and organisations get involved in our work in many ways, contributing in-kind or financially. They share technical expertise and provide guidance and resources. This may include identifying barriers to trade and helping to develop country projects, shaping the Alliance’s agenda, connecting the Alliance to new stakeholders, participating in one of our private sector working groups or providing data analysis, training and equipment.

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