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The private sector plays a vital role in the work of the Alliance at all levels, from steering our global strategy to driving country projects on the ground.

All of our projects help to create an environment where businesses can trade more easily, with predictable procedures, streamlined regulations and modern automation.

Our unique approach to trade facilitation is to bring businesses in as equal partners to governments in designing and delivering projects from start to finish.



We are looking for multinational businesses from across a broad range of sectors to join us as partners.

  • Contribute your resources. This could mean providing your experts to assist on our projects, sharing data and metrics to help us measure impact, sharing best practice from around the world, or delivering training to in-country stakeholders on new processes. Each project will require different support.
  • Connect us with your contacts in project countries. That could be your subsidiaries, clients or companies in your supply chain.
  • Act as our ambassadors. This could mean speaking at events, in the media, or online about the importance of trade facilitation reform and the Alliance’s approach to public-private partnerships.

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  • As one of the world’s largest integrated transport and logistics companies operating in 130 countries, Maersk is a major part of the global trading system.
    John Kornerup Bang Head of Sustainability Strategy and Shared Value at Maersk
  • UPS is the world's largest package delivery company and a leading global provider of specialised transportation and logistics services. Every day, it manages the flow of goods, funds, and information in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide.
    Amgad Shehata Senior Vice President of International Public Affairs and Strategy at UPS


  • Actively participate in a project. Join our in-country public-private dialogues and working groups to help us identify trade bottlenecks and opportunities to address them.
  • Contribute expertise and resources in-kind. This could mean your team helps to develop and pilot new systems or sharing data and metrics for measuring impact.

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Why join us?

Working with the Alliance is about delivering concrete actions – these are not empty high-level discussions, but practical partnerships, with a tangible benefit to your business. You know where the barriers to trade lie and can help us focus quickly and accurately.

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