Our response to Covid-19

The Covid-19 outbreak has highlighted the vital importance of smooth, efficient trade in getting essential goods such as medical supplies, to those who need them, particularly in times of crisis.

As an initiative with public-private partnerships at its core, we have been encouraged by the commitment from business thus far to help tackle the crisis and work with governments to do so. We know that the virus is impacting countries right across our portfolio and we stand ready to support wherever we can.

We are working closely with our project teams and partners on the ground to understand how our operations may be affected and where we can possibly provide assistance. We are reviewing our project plans and timeframes, analysing which project activities can be carried out within the restrictions and developing strategies to help us make as much progress as possible while ensuring the safety of our teams and respecting the boundaries in place.

In addition, we are engaging with governments, businesses and civil society organisations throughout our diverse network to understand which measures are being introduced at borders to facilitate trade in these exceptional circumstances. Equally, we are seeking to understand which measures are being introduced that may be exacerbating the situation or unnecessarily damaging the business environment, and could be tackled differently. We would like to hear from any government or business who feels they can contribute. It is often in times of crisis when innovation and new ways of working come quickly to the fore. We believe the Alliance has a role to play in identifying these and sharing them across the globe, as well as helping our government partners in developing and least developed countries, as appropriate, to make good practices sustainable after the crisis has passed.