Ports of Casablanca and Marseille Collaborate on Casablanca’s ‘Smart Port’ Transformation

A delegation of Moroccan officials and business representatives visited France in January to learn about the automated traffic management technologies used in the port of Marseille Fos. The visit was jointly organised by the Global Alliance for Trade Facilitation, which is currently leading a project to digitise port operations at the Morocco’s ports, and the National Port Agency of Morocco.

The port of Marseille Fos has been successfully using traffic management and automation tools to speed up the processing of trucks. This technology allows the port authority to track the movement of trucks through the port zone, leading to greater operational efficiency and traceability and ensuring smooth traffic flow.

The delegation spent two days in France exploring how a similar traffic management system could be adapted to the port of Casablanca. A pilot test is currently being carried out in the port of Casablanca to install an automatic traffic management system that would reduce the need for transporters to show documents at various locations in the port, speeding up the border clearance process for goods. The pilot is part of the National Port Agency’s plans to transform the port of Casablanca into a ‘smart port’ where businesses trading goods through the port benefit from faster and more cost-effective trade, boosting Morocco’s international competitiveness, trade flows and therefore economic growth.

As well as facilitating the exchange of knowledge and ideas on automatic traffic management, the knowledge exchange also allowed port representatives to discuss further developments between the two ports such as customs cooperation and electronic exchange of data and trade documents. The technical expertise they gathered will help them ensure that new reforms are in line with international best practice while being specifically adapted to the needs of Casablanca.

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