Reimagining Trade: Breaking Down the Silos

Accelerating solutions to Trade Facilitation challenges

Innovation is shaping every aspect of our lives, driving change in every society, in every sector, in every industry, and in every link of the global supply chain.

In the current climate characterised by geopolitical uncertainty, operational disruptions and monetary inflation, it has never been more urgent to work together in finding ways of minimising business overheads, for companies, consumers and countries.

Trade Facilitation Innovation Days on September 20 & 21, 2022, will spark imaginative, practical ways of streamlining cross-border processes, bringing a broad range of people with various expertise to put their minds together towards a common goal.

This online event presents an unprecedented opportunity to explore ways of tackling identified barriers to trade and applying technological fixes – providing a platform for the cross-fertilisation of ideas from trade facilitation experts, government officials, border agents, logisticians, academics, and other specialists.

Digitalisation technologies such as cloud architecture, mobile apps, and artificial intelligence are transforming other aspects of global business – how might we apply such innovations to overcoming the costly bottlenecks hindering trade?

Join us in taking a shot at solving some tough challenges.

The prize is enormous. Trade that is simple, fast, and cost-effective can enable businesses of all sizes to grow by accessing global markets, generating more employment and investment that can drive inclusive economic growth.

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