Ikea Becomes Latest Alliance Global Business Partner

‘The Wonderful Everyday’ Joins Growing List of International Supporters

Ikea, the iconic home furnishing brand, has become the Alliance’s latest global business partner, further expanding the number of international companies committing their skills and resources towards ensuring the success of Alliance trade facilitation initiatives.

Alliance projects cut through red tape and end costly delays at borders by bringing together governments and businesses of all sizes in developing countries as equal partners to deliver targeted trade reforms.

Ikea’s core values include a drive to make a significant and lasting positive impact on people and planet, alongside promoting personal empowerment, which align with the Alliance’s aim of driving inclusive economic growth and opportunity by overcoming barriers to market access, particularly for micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs).

Ikea operates 468 stores in 63 countries, complemented by a thriving, fast-growing online offering. It has global value chains, attuned to the difficulties suppliers in developing countries encounter in conducting global trade.

“Alliance initiatives towards promoting inclusive trade are a good fit with IKEA’s vision of making the world a better place for many people,” said Keika Lee, Director Public Affairs, Inter Ikea Group. This sentiment was echoed by Ikea of Sweden’s Global Customs and Trade Advisor Bojan Duric: “We look forward to sharing our best practices and learning from the other partners,” he said.

The first Ikea store opened in 1958 in Älmhult, Sweden, and the brand remains synonymous with its origins, including its distinctive blue and yellow colours, mirroring the Swedish flag and the country’s reputation as a leader in promoting sustainable trade practices.

Based on environmental, social and governance (ESG) indicators, Sweden ranks second among 150 countries in the Country Sustainability Ranking, an index compiled by RobecoSAM, an asset manager specialising in sustainable investments.

In joining the Alliance as a global business partner, Ikea recognises the potential the many facets of trade facilitation have in enabling companies to lead by example in areas such as green supply chain management.

Alliance Director Philippe Isler said Ikea was a very welcome addition to the growing list of global brands recognising the value of the Alliance public private partnership approach to trade reform. “Ikea has built a strong reputation as an innovative and creative market leader,” he said. “We look forward to working with them in optimising the benefits of digitalisation and other best practices for improving market access for suppliers and strengthening sustainable supply chains.”