Calling all businesses operating in developing countries: Help us shape the future of trade

Share your experience of trading during the Covid-19 crisis and enable the Alliance to identify trade facilitation interventions that can help you trade more easily

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of smooth, efficient trade in getting essential goods across borders and saving lives and livelihoods. It has also underlined the need for a secure, quick and contactless border experience.

We are asking businesses to help us address barriers to cross-border trade and contribute to COVID-19 recovery. After all, companies know best where the barriers to trade lie and how to tackle them.

All we need is a sense of the challenges you face with customs and other government agencies when getting goods across borders, and your ideas for how these could be resolved.

Do you want to make a difference? We would like to learn:

  • How have customs and other border processes in developing and least developed countries impacted your business during the COVID-19 period?
  • Have trade challenges been exacerbated by the crisis?
  • Have some processes been simplified?
  • Should some temporary import/export measures be made permanent?

The Alliance brings together governments and businesses as equal partners to identify how we can address delays and unnecessary red tape at borders. Our approach is to design and deploy targeted trade facilitation reforms that make a difference to the bottom line.

We are counting on you to help us identify interventions that would help you trade more easily, speeding the economic recovery and guarding against future disruptions.

When it comes to reforming border processes, business needs to be in the driving seat.

If this resonates, send us an email at or contact us for more information.