Call for proposals: data acquisition in India

The Alliance is looking for a consultant or consultancy firm to carry out data collection for our total transport and logistics costs (TTLC) study in India. The role will involve conducting face-to-face interviews based on the questionnaire designed by the Alliance with its private sector partners.

The candidate or firm must have:

  • conducted at least three previous research projects which required face-to-face interviews with private businesses
  • at least three years’ experience working on supply chain and logistics in India, particularly in the port of Mumbai and along the main inland trade corridors
  • at least three years’ experience on import and export processes at ports and knowledge of the key public and private actors involved
  • conducted at least one research project in the Mumbai area
  • conducted at least one research project through IT tools for data collection (e.g. tablet or similar)

The contracting time will be between 25.06.18 and 31.10.18.

Candidates should send their Curriculum Vitae or company profile and completed financial proposal by 19 June 2018 to the Alliance project lead, Mr Attilio Di Battista at

For full details of the role and how to apply please read the terms of reference.