Mercedes-Benz Joins Network of Global Business Partners

Iconic brand ‘delighted to support the values of the Alliance’

Mercedes-Benz Group AG, the iconic Stuttgart-headquartered automotive giant, has joined the growing number of global business partners working with the Alliance to support and promote simpler, faster, and more inclusive trade.

Global business partners are integral to the Alliance’s public private partnership approach to trade facilitation, contributing invaluable knowledge and best practices learned from transporting goods and services across the world as efficiently as possible.

Partners also help the Alliance to identify weaknesses in supply chains and act as brand ambassadors, highlighting Alliance project work in business circles and at relevant international events.

In 2023 Mercedes-Benz, a public company with listings on the Frankfurt and Stuttgart stock exchanges, sold around 2.5 million luxury and commercial vehicles, recording revenues of more than €153 billion (US$ 164 billion). It employs around 166,000 people in diverse roles including manufacturing, engineering, design, sales, finance, customer service, marketing, and logistics.

Alliance partnership aligns with the company’s commitment to a sustainable business strategy that it considers “a prerequisite for remaining economically successful.”

“We understand our responsibility to both our future and our environment. This is why we are committed to making our company sustainable and economically successful in the long term.” – Mercedes-Benz Group Sustainability Report 2023.

With manufacturing facilities in many countries, including developing economies in which the Alliance works, and robust supply chains around the world, Mercedes-Benz shares the Alliance’s goals of streamlining trade, driving the economic growth that can help reduce poverty and improve lives in developing countries and least developed countries (LDCs).

The company has already contributed welcome inputs during project scoping and implementation. “Mercedes-Benz is a globally operating company. We sell our products worldwide and rely on international supply chains to source raw materials and components. It is clear to us that free trade and fair competition ensure prosperity, growth, and innovation. We are therefore delighted to support the values of the Alliance as a Global Business Partner,” said Vice President External Affairs at Mercedes-Benz Group, Eckart von Klaeden.

“The Mercedes-Benz motto – ‘The best or nothing’ – reflects a well-earned reputation for excellence,” said Alliance Director, Philippe Isler. “We are delighted to be associated with international companies of scale that reflect and reinforce the effectiveness of our innovative approach to trade facilitation.”