Alliance Supports INMETRO to Join Brazil Customs’ AEO Programme

Brazil’s National Standards Agency, INMETRO, has officially joined the Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) programme of Brazilian Customs, Receita Federal. The agreement between the two agencies means companies who become AEO-certified ‘trusted traders’ with Receita will also be able to benefit from simpler and faster interactions with INMETRO.

The details of exactly how AEO-certified companies will benefit in their treatment by INMETRO remain to be agreed but are expected to be significant.

The move is part of broader cooperation between the Global Alliance for Trade Facilitation and INMETRO to facilitate trade while enhancing security in Brazil.

This collaboration between INMETRO and Receita will support the work currently being carried out by INMETRO and the Alliance to modernise INMETRO’s licensing process and migrate services to Brazil’s new single window, Portal Unico. The Alliance project aims to make trade of consumer and durable goods in Brazil faster and more cost-effective.

Jose Raul Perales, Deputy Director of the Global Alliance for Trade Facilitation, who is overseeing the Alliance’s work in Brazil, said: “As part of our work with INMETRO, the Secretariat of Foreign Trade (SECEX) and the business community in Brazil, we encouraged INMETRO to join Receita’s AEO programme, as they had been considering. INMETRO, under the leadership of its President Angela Flores Furtado, has grasped the opportunity with both hands, clearly demonstrating its commitment to facilitating trade and improving the business environment in Brazil.

“One aspect of our project is to introduce risk-management into the licensing process to make obtaining licenses faster and more cost-effective for business and support INMETRO’s mandate to protect consumers and legitimate trade. Having an effective AEO programme in place will mean we can have an even greater impact – the system’s algorithms can take AEO status into account and ensure that INMETRO can expedite the license process for AEO-certified companies.

“The AEO programme will have benefits far beyond our project and is an important step in Brazil’s journey to implement the World Trade Organization’s Trade Facilitation Agreement.

“As INMETRO and Receita work together in the coming months to make this a reality, the Alliance will be supporting them in their consultations with the private sector to ensure the new arrangements work as well as possible for companies.”